About Me

Back in 1977, Denver was booming. Thousands of Baby Boomers were fleeing the shores, enticed by the climate, the scene, to Colorado the promise of constantly streaming Coors. However, with the deluge came a predicament: so many young, active individuals – and so little to read that told them what was occurring in their city that is dynamic. That is why Westword was born.

Now, the Colorado power structure is now comprised by those ’70s pioneers, and the climate, the scene, the assurance of constantly streaming microbrews from the nation’s biggest concentration of brewpubs has tempted to Colorado a completely new generation. Westword seizes the city for this particular group, also, with the internet edition as well as a brand new, polished weekly format that is upgraded heaps of times a day.

Because of this, www.atelierdualis.com has gotten both the first and the final stop of the day for everyone who would like to understand what is happening in Denver. But the more things change, the more they remain the same: Every week, the print edition is additionally eagerly snatched up in school classrooms, coffeehouses, corporate offices and in the State Capitol by devoted readers who continue to value hard hitting, award-winning journalism that both covers the ethnic landscape – and uncovers where the deals are going down.